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How To Be Healthier, Happier and More Confident By Taking Care of Yourself For A Change.

Are you ready to love the person staring back at you in the mirror?

Wife, mother, volunteer, friend, boss….you’re an everything-to-everyone type of woman...even if that means putting yourself on the back burner.  

Time to work out just isn’t a luxury that you have (or allow yourself.)  

The demands of day-to-day life leave you exhausted with little energy for anything besides a relaxing evening knitting on the couch.  

Maybe some wine. Maybe some Bravo. Definitely some chocolate.  

You love your job, your kids, your spouse...just not the person staring back at you in the mirror.  

How did this happen? How did your weight and your health get so out of control?

You’ve tried to change things on your own. Whatever Oprah and Kirstie Alley were trying, you tried, too. You’ve cleansed, detoxed, wrapped, sipped, and restricted whatever promised the results you wanted. You’re tired of spending every last ounce of time, energy, or willpower on these short-term fixes. You want real, lasting results. The kind you’re not going to find at the other end of a monthly recurring supplement subscription.  


Being able to wear anything in your closet and actually enjoying putting together an outfit for date night with your husband. Imagine the look in his eye if you came out wearing a curve-hugging little number? Or if you could fit back into your wedding dress?! Imagine how much more would you enjoy vacations with your family if you could rock a bikini instead of a beach cover-up? Imagine getting in the water to play with the kids instead of stuck on the sand watching from afar? Wouldn’t work be even better if you didn’t hit that mid-afternoon crash that leaves you counting the minutes until it’s quitting time? How cool would it be to complete a scenic hike as a family instead of making it part way up and insisting they go on without you? These are not pipe dreams. You can have all these things. You can have that spark back in your marriage. Energy lasting all day like you’re a kid again. Confidence to wear a bikini and know your body is capable of doing whatever you ask it to.  

"I have been quite impressed with the education of the program and how it has honestly helped me to refocus on my food intake and exercising. Esther has been the most committed, motivational coach that one could have. Actually, I am loving the way my clothes are fitting me now and I love the compliments that I'm getting. :-) So thanks to Esther, I'm where I want to be." 

-Yvonne M.  

“I started working with Esther because I needed help with my nutrition. She is an excellent listener, responds to all my messages, and she always offers excellent suggestions. She is also ALWAYS positive, even when I'm not! I eat a much more healthy diet, and I feel better about myself now. You will love working with Esther!” 

~Donna S.  

Hey. I’m Esther. 

A few years ago a client told me that when she first met me, her first thoughts were, “what does this skinny b*tch know about my struggles?”  

You may have had similar thoughts seeing my picture.  

I’m not offended. But there’s much more to a person’s story than what meets the eye. Maybe we’ve even had some of the same experiences.  

I discovered my love for the gym in the early 2000’s because it allowed me to get exercise without being on a sports team (where my lack of athleticism was on display for all to see.)  

It was something I could do just for me and I loved it. It’s actually a big factor in how I ended up majoring in Exercise Science at Boston University. Along with college came the typical conflicts of wanting to maintain a healthy diet while also taking advantage of the unlimited ice cream and cereal in the dining hall. I wanted to get a full night’s rest, but also wanted to go meet boys and eat late night pizza. I wanted to go to the gym but also wanted to study so I wouldn’t fail out. The net result at the end of freshman year?  

About 30 extra pounds and complete confusion as to how I ended up there. 

Over the post-college years, I struggled with binge eating episodes and experienced ups and downs with my weight. These often coincided with major life changes that threw me out of my routines. Each time I gained weight, I’d make a desperate attempt to lose it quickly, by restricting and eliminating foods. I tried diets like Whole30, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, even a (very brief) raw diet. I won’t mention Master Cleanse. (That would be embarrassing.) Sound familiar? Despite all my knowledge and experience I was still grasping at straws. I say again: Sound familiar?  

What Happened Next And Why it Matters 

But that was 11 years ago. And I’ve come a long way from being the girl who had to keep buying new “fat pants.”  

I now eat foods that are both good for me AND that I enjoy, every single day.  

I know exactly how to put together meals that support my health, fuel my activity level, and leave me feeling my best.  

I don’t restrict or eliminate any foods arbitrarily and I indulge in moderation.  

I know that one slip up won’t do a damn thing to hurt me and I treat myself with compassion when I fall short of my expectations.  

I can say with complete confidence that I have mastered the basic skills that will allow me to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of my life.  

This is the same success I want for you. And it’s exactly what my clients achieve:

“Esther provided the tools to make real change in my life. She provided the workouts, nutrition info, and ways to incorporate positive change in my life. All of that along with the knowledge and encouragement to make it happen.” 

~Maureen W.  

My mission in life is to help my clients undergo incredible body and lifestyle transformations through exercise and nutrition coaching You will have you live your healthiest, happiest, and most confident life. You will love the person staring back at you in the mirror.

Why Online Training Is The Answer To Changing Your Life 

You may be wondering how I can possibly help you from all the way in Hawaii. Online coaching allows us to work together no matter where you live. Your transformation package can include:  

Personalized Workouts

After we "meet" (virtually) to talk goals, experience, availability, and establish a baseline, I’ll handcraft a comprehensive program just for you. 

Taken into account are your likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and time and equipment constraints. 

You'll have exercise descriptions, photos, and video demos to help ensure proper form. 

Your easy-to-use app makes tracking your progress a breeze.  

Food Journal Analysis

While tracking your intake is not a long-term requirement, it is a very useful tool to help us gather data about what's going well, what's working, and the most promising.areas of opportunity.  

After keeping a weekly log, we will review it together to decide how to move forward.  

Custom Nutrition Program 

No one-size fits all programs here. We work together to come up with a nutrition plan specific to your goals, lifestyle, strengths, and challenges. 

Included is meal planning, dining out, putting together balanced meals, portion-sizes, learning to listen to your body.  

We can cover all that at a speed - and in an order - that makes sense for you.  

You will not have to eliminate any of your favorite foods or food groups.  

Unlimited Email

In addition to email access, you'll receive check-in texts and messages throughout your journey so that you feel supported every step of the way. 

If ever you have questions, concerns, comments, you can reach out to me at any time and expect a prompt response. You will have me in your corner to help you every step of the way.  

Weekly Check-ins

To ensure you’re on track toward your goals, we have recurring check-ins to cover highlights of the past week, troubleshoot and strategize for the upcoming week, and make any tweaks to your program.  

Easy to Use App 

All of this comes packaged in my easy-to-use app available for iPhone & Android. 

You simply download the free app, login with the details that will be sent to you, and you'll have access to your workout program (complete with demos), food journal, results tracker, and nutrition information.  

No need to print anything (unless you want.) It's all right at your fingertips.  

You will have access to a website with all of this info, as well.  

"You are an amazing young woman who has a heart for healing people find themselves and get healthier… and confident. You have touched my life in a way that you will never know… I could hug you for being you and so wonderful to me."  

~Arla S.

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