I used to think grocery lists were lame and far too adult for someone like myself. Now, having gone shopping sans list & come home without things I needed basically every time, I know that I’m better off with one. Much like an open book test at school, it almost seems like just having the list on your person is enough to make you remember all that would-be-forgotten stuff. 

Not forgetting something isn’t the only benefit of writing that ish down.

Here are 4 more reasons you should be using a grocery list:

Saves Time

Without a list, you’ll wander around trying to decide what you should buy and whether today is finally the day to try artichokes (and wtf should you do with them, anyway?).

With a list, you can go right for what you need & skip the artichokes (and all the other stuff that you don’t know what to do with & really don’t need).

Your route in the store will be direct & intentional, rather than basically walking in circles & wandering down aisles. You may get in fewer steps but you’ll be in & out of there a lot faster.

PRO TIP: Write down quantities, too, so that you don’t have to try to math-and-shop & either end up buying too much & throwing it away or back at the store 3 days later when you didn’t buy enough. This may take some trial & error at first but after a few trips, you’ll be a lot better at gauging your needs. Be realistic about portions & how much you and your family will/won’t eat. If you only eat broccoli begrudgingly because it’s good for you, you probably don’t need 4 pounds of it. But if you find yourselves fighting over the buffalo cauliflower, maybe grab an extra head or two.

Minimizes Impulse Buys

Since you know what you need, you won’t go down unnecessary aisles where you’ll be tempted by bright packages & cartoon logos (those tricks are not just for kids). I can’t promise that you won’t buy a pack of gum & energy drink at the check-out but at least if you don’t go down the cookie aisle, you’ll be a lot less likely to end up buying cookies. As mentioned above, you also won’t buy on a whim healthy foods that you’ll end up throwing away. I’m all about branching out and trying new foods but in my own experience, that’ll be a lot more successful if you know what you’re going to do with it before you buy it. 

PRO TIP: Shop primarily the perimeter of the store (I’m sure you’ve heard this before) where the produce/deli is located & only go down aisles when you need something specific. 

Saves Money

Both by eliminating impulse buys & buying the right amount of what you need, you’ll end up saving money. 

PRO TIP: If you want to save some big bucks, check out the weekly circulars as you’re making your list and prioritize items that are on sale. Stock up on non-perishable or freezable food when the price is right & use sales to help guide your decisions.

Allows You to Delegate

Imagine not having to grocery shop at all because you could just hand the list to your spouse & go about your business. 

Ya, I should have put this one first.

PRO TIP: If you go this route, be specific with what you want. If you just say “apples” and he comes back with the wrong kind, that’s on you. If you write “bananas” but really mean “3 130g semi-ripe bananas with exactly 0 bruises on them” you should probably just go yourself.

Need Help?

Download your copy of the Body Transformation Guide for handy lists of the exact foods that should be making up the bulk of your grocery list, as well as a grocery shopping template to jot it all down in one place!