Now that we’ve broken the ice a little bit with some fun facts about me, I can officially introduce myself.

My name is Esther Avant and I am a Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer.

I specialize in helping altruistic women make lifestyle changes to lose weight and live their healthiest, happiest, and most confident lives so that, in turn, they can be there for others who need their help, love, and compassion.


I know what you’re thinking, “what does this skinny bitch know about trying to lose weight? She doesn’t know the trouble I’ve seen! She doesn’t know my sorrow!”

First of all, rude, but great use of lyrics.

Seriously, though, I get it, and you’re not the first person to think that.

Admittedly, I have had my own struggles, like the early college era in which I outgrew my ‘fat pants’ thanks to a diet of beer and pineapple & olive pizza and spent months figuring out how to make myself a priority despite a demanding course load and social calendar full of trying to locate frat parties.

While a pain at the time, my own lifestyle improvement efforts have given me invaluable experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

More importantly, though, I have empathy for my clients that can only come from seeing women very close to me struggle with their weight for decades. Thru meal replacement shakes and Suzanne Somers workout VHS tapes, counting points and Thigh Masters. Thru the joys of losing weight & the disappointments of gaining it back.

I know that your lack of results isn’t due to a lack of effort.

I know that desire isn’t enough to make it happen.

Lifestyle change is a big beast to tackle and you need support, education, and to guidance to build the habits to make it stick.

I know that to be successful you need a combination of a lot of empathy, a little bit of tough love, and a healthy dose of humor.

And let me tell ya, that trifecta of qualities is right in my wheelhouse:

“I have been quite impressed with the education of the program and how it has honestly helped me to refocus on my food intake and exercising. Esther has been the most committed, motivational coach that one could have. Actually, I am loving the way my clothes are fitting me now and I love the compliments that I’m getting. 🙂 So thanks to Esther and ProCoach, I’m where I want to be.”

Yvonne M.

“Esther provides the tools to make real change in your life. She provided the workouts, nutrition info, and ways to incorporate positive change in my life. All of that along with the knowledge and encouragement to make it happen.”

Maureen W.

“You are an amazing young woman who has a heart for healing people find themselves and get healthier… and confident. You have touched my life in a way that you will never know… I could hug you for being you and so wonderful to me.”

Arla S.

“I wanted to say thank you for the time we spent training together. You were always so encouraging and I would always look forward to coming in to see you.”

Martha W.

“I used to eat my feelings but working with Esther, I learned healthier ways to deal with stress – like exercise (which I never thought I’d enjoy)! This year was exactly what I needed to feel like myself again. I lost the weight but I gained so much more, most importantly the confidence to know that I deserve health and happiness.”

Ashley R.

“Thanks so much, Esther! Seeing [my goals] in writing, having a plan and a reachable goal already has me feeling less overwhelmed and more at ease.”

Becca H.

I’m passionate about helping women like you realize that you deserve to prioritize yourself and that you have the power to make positive changes in your life.

I will to give you all the tools you need to fight overwhelm and make realistic, long-term changes. To empower you to conquer your goals and take back your health.

Cut through the BS and simplify all the confusing information out there.

Figure out how to make this whole lifestyle change work for you.

Help you live the healthiest life that you enjoy.

Share in your victories.

I am your empathetic provider of tough love. Your teacher, coach, cheerleader, confidant, ally, advocate, and friend.

Overwhelmed already?

Let’s fix that.
This free guide is a great place to start.

Esther grew up in a small town in Maine where she participated in sports despite an obvious lack of athleticism or understanding of the rules. When she discovered the weight room at the local YMCA, she realized she had stumbled on the perfect athletic endeavor: one in which no one was depending on her and there weren’t many spectators.

Her love of fitness led her to pursue an education in Exercise Science at Boston University. Upon receiving her Personal Training certification in 2006, she thought she would get paid to workout but eventually learned that she would, instead, be watching others workout.

Through the relationships she built with her clients, she realized that helping women workout wasn’t enough, they needed a multi-faceted approach that addressed nutrition, psychology, mindset, behavior modification, motivation, willpower, and lifestyle change.

She pursued certifications and further education in all of the above, which have helped her provide clients with the ideal approach to making lifestyle changes that stick.

She holds the following degrees and certifications:

  • B.S. Exercise Science, Boston University
  • Precision Nutrition Level 2 Nutrition Coach + former intern
  • ACE-certified Healthy Behaviors Coach
  • ACE-certified Personal Trainer
  • Cooper Institute certified Life Coach + former intern
  • TRX Suspension Group Trainer

Her career in the fitness industry has spanned the country, with roles in Boston, Dallas, San Diego, Virginia Beach, and currently, Kapolei, HI.

She has helped hundreds of women live their ideal lives by cutting through the BS and simplifying their approach to healthy living.
She aims to help you do the same, to lose weight and become healthier, happier, and more confident so that you can love the person staring back at you in the mirror and be there for others who need your help, love, and compassion.

Here are some more casual facts about me:

  • I love board games particularly Scrabble and Boggle because I’m decent at them. I like Monopoly, despite having never won a game in my life.
  • I could do spend the entire day at a local cafe drinking espresso and “working” (ie: people watching & eves dropping).
  • I love the beach: walking on it, sometimes slowly running on it if the conditions are just right, playing Frisbee for ~15 minutes, but mostly napping on it.
  • I consider myself a pretty serious brunch enthusiast. I have a very low tolerance for people who order lunch items at brunch.
  • I’m left-handed, which is only moderately interesting and mostly only to other lefties. Otherwise it just makes my hand dirty when I write.
  • I’m an only child but I’ve been told several times that people “never would have guessed,” which I think they mean as a compliment.
  • I’ve driven cross-country 2.5 times and love a good road trip (primarily for the snacks. I think jerky should be its own food group).

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